Thank you @clairewentthere !!! And woah, way to send the hard ones. I had to talk about this to the people around me, sorry family. How can I chooseee
  1. Smell
    Honesty who cares about smell? Sure nice smelling things are good but other than that? Not smelling bad smells would be awesome. I'd happily lose this (as long as we are treating smell and taste as two different things and losing smell won't effect taste)
  2. Touch
    If I have to rank these, this is gonna be lower. I have wonderful friends that are very very dear to me (@segrizz ) that I have never been with in person. I love her very much and have seen her face, heard her voice, and read so many of her thoughts, but I have never been able to hug her. And as much as I would like to, I know that if I never can, she will still be one of my truest friends.
  3. My spidey sense
    So I could live without this one, I like it but since I didn't always have it I'm sure I could adapt to not having it again
  4. Taste
    Food guys. And coffee. Wine. Good beer. Cold water.
  5. Hearing
    Music, I love love love love music. I can't explain how much I love it. Hearing kids that have just started talking trying to have conversations, Scottish accents, people speaking in a language that you don't speak,
  6. Sight
    I love people watching, and driving, and going on walks, and the way it feels when you look up at really tall buildings and trees and you feel like a tiny little ant and you can't even hold the concept of how tall that thing is but the sky is so much higher than that, the stars, tv and movies, seeing the people you love, looking at artwork that somehow makes you have emotions but it's just paint on paper, there are so so many beautiful things to see.