Oh I love this!!!
  1. I'm funny
    Usually at odd times and I can't tell what's gonna work or not, but often I can make people laugh
  2. I can see the good in a lot of situations
    Sometimes this can get a lil old to some people but I like being able to see a good side to things. I feel better as a person when I'm focused on the happy stuff.
  3. I enjoy making friends with unexpected people
    Especially slightly grouchy people. I'm that person that is like oh we are gonna be friends. Just you wait.
  4. I've been told that I'm a comforting person
    And that really means a lot to me.
  5. I cut hair!
    And I'm pretty good at it!
  6. I give compliments easily
    But I really truly mean them. I love telling people nice things when I can. Seeing the change in how people act once they know you like something about them is so gratifying. I could live on just this feeling for a long time
  7. I'm fairly calm
    I've been through some shit and I'm okay. I feel like I've grown into a strong soul. Like how trees are strongest after weathering a few storms. It takes a lot to really get me mad.
  8. I can cry with you
    I really try to understand people's pain. I always cry if you cry while talking to me. It's not just a knee jerk thing, it's because I really care. And those emotions are heavy things
  9. And I make good food
    Usually the food I make is 👍🏽, not like 👌🏿, but 👍🏽 and I'm happy with that