British tv shows you should try

The world is a 🔥💩 so you might as well watch funny tv
  1. Spy
    It's like bond-gone-wrong is teaching people how to be a spy. Plus workplace humor. (On Hulu)
  2. Spaced
    If you ever saw the cornetto trilogy (Shawn of the dead, hot fuzz, and the worlds end) then you will like these. If you haven't, it's kind of an absurdist show about being in your 20/30 somethings and single. (On Hulu)
  3. Black books
    Angry drunk Irish bookshop owner and friends. One of my favorite shows. Like legit the funniest (on Netflix and Hulu I think)
  4. Miranda
    Super light hearted show. This is a guaranteed laugh out loud kind of show. Has a ton of second hand embarrassment though so know if you can handle that or not (on Hulu)
  5. 8 out of 10 cats does countdown
    8 out of 10 cats is a panel style show about current events (but funny? It's not my style tbh) and countdown is a "serious" gameshow with word and number problems. But the two smoothed together is one of my favorite things. Is wacky and irreverent and so fun to watch. Every show features a comedian and they do a bit during it, so it's a fun way to find new (to you) comedians. (YouTube ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )
  6. Qi
    Fun trivia based show that is actually a panel comedy show but also a game show? It's hard to explain all the layers of these things. Everyone that I've made watch this show has enjoyed it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ im a pusher guys. (I usually find this on YouTube, it could be somewhere else but idk)