He only has one list and he's just a tiny lil baby on here. But he's my older and maybe wiser brother irl
  1. @tastywaffles
    His real name is Alex, I call him Bugsy, he often answers "that's my name" but it isn't. He's good with puns, and usually laughs at my jokes. He listens to most of the music that I tell him to. And even likes some of it. He taught me to drive stick shift and I think he only yelled at me once? And that was for literally grinding his gears. He's a very supportive guy. And pretty funny. Feel free to say hi/stalk/follow him!
  2. Here's a weird picture of him climbing between two buildings
  3. And a blurry selfie we sent to our mom
    That's his wife in the back! I love her! I don't know why I look like that in the front but I do!
  4. Sometimes I joke around that he's my sister or my parents
    But really. He's been there for me when they haven't (parents, I don't have a sister) And that means an awful lot to a person