How I'm coping with the 🔥💩🌎

  1. Hanging out with these ladies
  2. This one is Loraine
    You might not know this, but when hens don't have a rooster, one of the ladies steps up and becomes the boss bitch. Like the mean pecky boss "rooster". That's our Loraine. Long may she reign 🐓👑
  3. Finding pictures of quality men supporting the women
  4. Oh, also blocking and unfollowing a ton of people on fb.
    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i know. Bubble life is bad. But I would rather just not deal with some of the outright meanness I've seen from people that I still have to do things with. If I just don't see what they are posting on Facebook I know I can be more gracious towards them face to face.