Tried and true method. I always use this method. For all of the one time I have ever attempted to grow a lemon tree.
  1. Find a lemon tree that has lemons
    I used a neighbors tree. You should have no clue if the seeds will grow into trees that fruit or not, this is super important.
  2. Get a lemon from the tree
    Use it to make lemon tea! Its so good!
  3. Think "oh huh I should try to grow a tree!"
    Find out that it takes about 5 years for a lemon tree to be big enough to have lemons. If your lemon even grows a tree that can have lemons. Don't think about the possibility of wasting 5 years on a tree for no reward.
  4. Take the seeds out before you put boiling water on them
    The Internet said to keep them in my mouth until the soul was ready. I obeyed. I don't argue with the Internet about gardening
  5. Spit them in the soil?
    I dunno the Internet the told me to??
  6. Read on the Internet that you need to keep them warm and moist
    Sorry about saying moist. The Internet told me to.
  7. Kind of forget about them?
    I mean? The window sill is warm? And i watered it as much as I could remember to?
  8. Take off the plastic wrap because you feel bad about it
    Water it really good. Why does it have to be "only moist"??
  9. Completely forget about it
    For days. This is crucial.
  10. Suddenly remember them!
    Go and check!
  11. 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
    I'm a master gardener!!
  12. Go brag on The Internet