This feels appropriate for Independence Day. I was born into a strict Christian "bible group". I am not in it anymore. All of my immediate family is out of it. Some extended family is still part of it. This is the basic background of the group. This is in no way meant to be offensive to people that still are a part of this group in any way.
  1. My parents were both born into it
    Both sets of grandparents joined the group before my parents were born
  2. The group didn't "take a name"
    They believed that giving the group a name would be "separation from other Christians" so we referred to it as "the church which is Christ's body" or "Christians meeting together in the name of the Lord"
  3. It was started in I think the 40's?
    I'm fuzzy on the starting timeline. I do know that one of the main guys was named Maurice Johnson but we only ever heard him referred to as "Brother Maurice"
  4. There weren't any written rules or guidelines, or member roll books or whatever
    But you have to know by now that this group had some pretty serious unspoken rules that had to be followed. And the unofficial/unwritten member roll book thing was taken extremely seriously
  5. The main focus was to follow the bibles teachings
    So we kind of had a "if it isn't mentioned in the bible itself, we need to be super cautious about it" kind of thing.
  6. Some families had completely different experiences than mine
    Since the majority of the decisions were made by the fathers, the lifestyle varied slightly, and sometimes dramatically, from family to family.
  7. This specific group "meets with people" from around the world
    We know of people in Mexico, Peru, and Canada, that held similar beliefs and similar guidelines for belief and lifestyle. Several people would travel and visit the other groups. In fact my cousin is married to a lady that was raised in the group in Peru.
  8. Feel free to ask questions and read my other lists on this
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