Because @andersun is a meanie and also apparently doesn't like water ( this is related to ALL SIX OF MY SENSES, RANKED )
  1. So you know when you are hot and tired and so thirsty and the only thing you want is water
    And you get water. And it tastes like clean, refreshing pure perfection
  2. Maybe it's just me (or just not @andersun )
    But I think water tastes really good?
  3. Have you ever had water that you didn't like?
    Cause I know I have. Try Kirkland brand water and cry with me cause it's a joke. If I wanted gross tasting water I would just, I don't know! Not have water!
  4. And occasionally you see a sale for the good stuff
    (Figi water, Evian, you know, good quality stuff) and you're like yeahhhh!!! Perfect water!!
  5. Hot water is garbage unless it's tea or coffee, drinking plain hot water is the worst and I literally don't like people that do this.
    Maybe too strong of an opinion about how people drink water? Eh whatever.
  6. Come at meee @andersun !!!!