It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a high school education or equivalent certificate must be in want of a wife
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    Oh boy. This one is where things start getting weird.
    Also. @tastywaffles is gonna post a guy version of all this. And he actually dated and was engaged to his now wife, while in the same cult so he's got more experience on this one than me. (@tastywaffles is my brother πŸ‘‹πŸΎπŸ‘‹πŸΎ)
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    Okay. Basic dating rules and traditions
    Guys must ask dad for approval to date. You are not allowed to spend time alone. Ever. There is always going to be a chaperone with you. And no touching. Basically ever. No hand holding, don't even think about kissing. Just no. The chaperone is there to make sure there is no touching. Or alone time.
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    This goes surprisingly normal? The asking and all I mean. Usually some cute gesture. And if the girl says yes, depending on her and her parents you might have your first kiss right now! (Or she might want to wait until her wedding ceremony) make sure that you have already figured out what your kissing plan is before asking. Cause awkward. Also. Some parents allowed their kids to be proposed to without the chaperone. So like, you knew this was coming if that's how your family did things.
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    Post proposal
    This is the unofficial time that everyone agreed that you could hold hands with your significant other. Also occasional discreet kissing was allowed. No over the top PDA though. No lap sitting, no knoodleing, basically think of the normal things most people do by a third date and its allll out.
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    Weird culture stuff
    So let me start by saying that slut shaming is still a thing, even if sex is off the table. I know of several girls that were treated as loose simply because they had multiple guys interested in them. Or a few guys "writing letters" to them. Or if they had a boyfriend and broke up with them and got with a different guy "too soon" I'm sad to say that I was a part of this. I feel so awful for the things that I have said about other girls, if I could take everything back, I would.
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    I'm gonna be adding to this list as I think of things