Yes and no!
  1. All of my immediate family is out of it
    My parents and brother and sister in law, are alllll out. We all actually left on the same day, which I'm so incredibly thankful for.
  2. Most of my moms side of the family is out of it
    She's the youngest of seven kids so this is a huge group of people. Everyone on this side is out of the big bad scary cult. Some of my cousins are in like a diet cult, or cult light. But they are doing so good.
  3. My dads family
    Okay. His family pretty much sucks. One brother is a felon, one is still in the small intense cult. His parents haven't talked to us in yearrrss. His sister though. Her and her family are the best. They have been out for about the same length of time as us. And they are all around good people and quality family.