This is gonna cover things about what women could and could not wear. This is, again, based on my experiences and is not everyone's! This is what I was taught and what I saw around me.
  1. No changing your body
    No piercings, and no unnecessary surgeries
  2. Beauty products
    Basically none. No "makeup" this means so foundation, no lip stick, no mascara, NO MAKEUP! Think about all the makeup. None of any of that. Nope. (Except I broke this one cause I had/have a fairy large scar on my face and my parents were like yeah, you can wear makeup on that, apparently this was also the topic of a men's meeting or two, but they didn't tell me that until we were out of it all) I can't even count the amount the times I heard makeup referred to as the apparel of a Harlot.
  3. Hair
    Okay. So this was different from family to family. Some said no hair cutting at all (for women)! Some said trimming was good but no actual cuts. Some said eh whatever cut it but it has to stay medium to long. Some said no bangs! Others did bangs but the rest of the hair long. A few people dyed their hair but this was publicly said to be bad.
  4. Clothing
    Skirts or dresses, has to be below the knee. Some areas were more intense and this meant mid calf and lower, California was always pushing this rule though. My skirts were always barely past my knee caps (much to my parents disapproval). Shirts, sleeved and no cleavage, also shouldn't be tight around the boob area, or tight at all tbh. Some girls could wear branded clothing (clothes with the brand name on the outside of the clothing) I was not that lucky.
  5. Skirts cont.
    Can't be tight, should not be able to see the shape of your butt. Not thin material, not clingy, not see through. If it is okay with a slip under it then okay maybe. Some girls/women had to wear slips allll the time. Under anything.
  6. Shirts cont.
    It was taught that writing on the chest area was just to try to get guys to look at your boobs. This made any writing on your shirts really uncomfortable.
  7. Swimming suits
    Oh boy. This was all over the place. Different everywhere.
  8. I think this basically covers it
    I'll probably add to this too.