I was a girl in a cult, this is my personal experience of the way I was supposed to behave. This is not every girls or persons experience, even from my own group.
  1. Women should not speak in church
    Only men should speak out (teach?) during actual church. Women could sing, "give testimonies" and sometimes answer questions. Most women didn't feel comfortable speaking out though, so many just stayed quiet.
  2. Women are to be submissive
    Men are the head of the church and the home. This means that any decision made, was made by a man. This was actually a really nice thing for me because it was taught that the men would answer to God for any mistakes made, not women. So if my dad made a decision that turned out to be incorrect when we got to heaven, it wouldn't be my fault at all. I did my part by just following him so I was free of blame.
  3. Women should strive to be a proverbs 31 woman
  4. A women's place is in the home
    Okay. So this is where things started getting different for every girl/ family. My dad encouraged me to go to college and to get a decent job. However. This was treated as a back up option. I was straight up told by several guys that me being in college was enough of a reason that I could never marry them. One even told me that if I quite, I would have a chance with him. 👋🏾 I'm thankful that even then, I knew that was ridiculous and wrote him off completely.
  5. Modesty and outward appearance
    This was taught as simply a way of dressing, not at all as an attitude of modesty. So we had clothing and appearance guidelines that we were not supposed to break. I'm gonna make a separate list for these guidelines cause there are a whole lot of things.
  6. Dating
    Again. Another list. This is just so much stuff.
  7. Feel free to ask questions.
    I've learned in my post cult life that cults are super intriguing to most people. Ask away. Just remember that this is pretty intense stuff for me so please treat it respectfully.