Thanks @lizabeth for the request!
  1. So in 2009 the cult split into two groups
    One group (the larger group) started to incorporate more mainstream thoughts and actions, and teachings. Less of a dress code, less rules, more of a focus on the group staying friends and growing into a new thing together
  2. The other smaller group
    (The one I was a part of) stayed with the same rules, same dress code, same ideas, thoughts. And teachings. Just now it was like a pressure cooker. It was a tiny group of people. I'm talking 30 people total in the so-cal group. So it went from around 300 people to 30. It was drastic and painful and confusing. I was in this group from ages 15 to almost 20. I left days before I turned 20.
  3. This tiny group still exists
    It's consistently getting smaller. But the people left are left feeling more and more as if they are the last correct group. This group is tiny in so-cal, but they have in a close contact with the other tiny groups. They actually just all met up in Texas for a camp. I hope daily that the people in this group will realize what life can be like and change. Several of my closest friends are in this group and because of our differing beliefs and life choices I am unable to be with them. It hurts.
  4. The larger group.
    Also still exists. Has changed a lot and is fairly similar to any local small group. The only odd thing is that although a lot has changed, new people don't really join. And it still has an almost exclusive feeling. Part of that is because the people have a very close bond, unlike any church I've ever seen before. The cult enforced closeness has always been part of their lives so really it's like a family only church?
  5. The ones that have left the cult
    We have kind of gone all different ways. I was recently talking to my cousins about this, a lot of people stay in touch with social media, Facebook and stuff. But it feels like they are almost high school friends, or friends from a past life. The only things we have in common are often the cult background. Sometimes it's encouraging to meet up and see each other fitting into society and growing into cool level people. Other times it's so hard.