I used to write these in middle and high school when I was really down, just nine bullet point things that I currently enjoyed. I still write these because now it is a habit. Not a rated list.
  1. Going and getting eggs from the chickens and then using those eggs for breakfast
    I love the chickens so much. Ever since they started laying I feel a strangely strong kinship to them. Like hell yeah girl power!!
  2. My boss just changed her text tone for me to Ewan McGregor saying "hello there"
    Okay it's obi wan but like that only makes it better
  3. This song that's the theme song for moone boy
  4. The good place
    I love Ted Danson and Kristin Bell. It's so light and funny, it's so nice
  5. The little lemon trees 🍋 living on my bedside table
    It's slowly getting overgrown with plants, but that's the brightest place in my room right now and they all want the light.
  6. Listening to the "no such thing as a fish" podcast every night
    I fall asleep listening to it and keep it going al night so every time I wake up it's just happily playing along and it makes me feel so cozy
  7. The progress I have made towards going more minimal
    I have gone through alllll of my things now and it feels so much more manageable
  8. My new earring
    I got my cartilage pierced a couple months ago but it's just gotten to the point where I can sleep on it. I think I'm going to be changing it out for the ring I really want pretty soon, so that's exciting 😆
  9. This old picture of me
    Found this going through boxes of stuff at my parents house. I'm so thankful the tape days are over.