Not all positive this time.
  1. Successful trip to IKEA with a 13 (😬) year old
    I bought him food. I think I know how this teen boy thing works?
  2. Baking bread and listening to podcasts/watching arsenic and old lace
    This picture was sent to my friend to 1. Show off my baking skills, and 2. Show off my cute apron that I never remember to wear but did this time because baking bread means I'm literally covered in flour. I'm a messy baker ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (oh and old follows might recognize that shirt, yep, I still wear it)
  3. Texts from my dad
    I don't really want to explain it all here but it's basically just what it sounds like. I ran into my grandparents in my town and they hid from me, which isn't actually as shocking as it might sound. But they have a really bad history of abuse and just bad stuff with my dad and I am honestly worried for him.
  4. I housesat for "family" and she has an outdoor shower
    I showered so many times last week. Outdoor showers are where it's at
  5. I got sick, just a cold
    But I lost my voice which was pretty annoying, even though I kind of always love it? I know it's bad for your voice but I always find myself pushing it as it's going and I totally did that this time and I totally lost it. I'm sorry larynx. I don't treat you very nicely.
  6. Started drinking tea again
    I never meant to stop but I fall out of the habit, being sick made me want it so I've been drinking like 4 cups of tea every day this week. I love it.
  7. We had tons of people over the day I lost my voice and yesterday
    So today I've been introverting like woah.
  8. Started reading again.
    I went to the library and spent almost an hour just browsing and looking for something to jump out at me, finally found "an interview with the vampire" and read it for the first time. Obviously it's a good one.
  9. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    I mean. That's fair. I'm neither a man nor very feminine so it makes since.