I make this occasionally, it's so good. If you already have the rice cooked, or buy it precooked, it's also a very fast meal. I got this from my boss lady.
  1. Take some onion and sauté it until it's clear
    Or whatever you prefer, it doesn't matter
  2. Add some spinach, avocado, black beans, +
    Whatever other veggies sound good to you, it doesn't really matter
  3. Sauté it all until it is all hot
    The avocados get really soft, the spinach wilts, it's gets all good. I actually added some chicken broth at this stage so it's not really sautéing but whatever.
  4. Season how you want to
    I do salt and pepper and maybe chili powder?
  5. Then add cooked brown rice to it
    Stir it all around if you want to, or serve the veggies and stuff on top, it doesn't matter
  6. Put Parmesan cheese on it
    I do this after I already have it in my bowl, you can do it whenever.