They live right next door to me. They won't find this right??? Let's hope not
  1. The lady overshares with us.
    So much. I know way way way more about them than I ever wanted to. And now I'm obsessed
  2. Her mom died and I was watching house while she was at the funeral, this came in the mail.
    Yep. That's her mom.
  3. The man has to be gay. There's no way around it. He is. He might not know it yet though?
    They are super Christian
  4. He's addicted to porn and also has been having affairs
    She told my boss lady with a total straight face and completely serious that she thinks he might be demon possessed.
  5. She's super super crunchy
    I'm as hippy as the next, maybe more so, but she out hippies me in every way. And I don't mind it. She's weird.
  6. I was housesitting/dog sitting the other day and I saw this right with the coffee in the kitchen
    Me and the boss people had a whole text thing about it being medium roast? Why does the roast matter???
  7. And just yesterday the lady casually mentioned to my boss that the enema coffee is her husbands
    The boss lady came home and told us and I was like uh. Why did we not immediately know that?? None of us even thought about that.
  8. It honestly just keeps on going for so long. They are bananas.