Weird but it could be worse? This is less funny than you might have thought, or worse, it's very serious.
  1. Audrey June
    Ha you think I'm gonna use normal names right? Well jokes on you! I plan on calling this child "Odd" like "Aud" but spelled "odd" and June is because that's my middle name. Which is a family name, for people born in June. Which I am not. (Hence username btw) also. I found a little silver cup with Audrey June engraved on it. After I already decided I wanted to use it someday. So I think that's like a sign.
  2. Bugsy
    It's a family nickname for my brother but I keep thinking about using it as a name/middle name
  3. Crosley
    It's another family name. My mom had a still born baby between my brother and I and she named him Crosley, which is my paternal grandmothers maiden name.
  4. My last name is Castle
    And if I end up not keeping it (unlikely) then you can bet your butt that a kid of mine is being blessed with it somewhere in their name
  5. This is mostly for proof
  6. Static
  7. Static