Sadly some of these are real names given to real humans
  1. Jaxon
  2. Maribell
  3. Poncho Pete
  4. Howard Wendell S. the 3rd
    Like one Howard Wendell S. was enough. Why keep going? And to make matters worse? 2 and 3 are half brothers. 😖😖😖😖
  5. Xander
    I don't like names that start with x. We get it, you think you're cool. Please stop.
  6. Twins named Pork, and Beans
    Good unisex options, that should never be used
  7. Krystal (Chrystal)
    People kept suggesting this to my parents when they were expecting me cause then I would be "Chrystal Castle" thank god my parents didn't hate me
  8. Same as above but with Sandy
  9. Espn
    Like how Ron Burgundy pronounces ESPN