I'm changing stuff! I'm feeling better! I got this! (I think)
  1. Taking the dogs on a run while I bike
    Two dogs, twice a day, a mile each time/dog. I know it's not super impressive but from nothing to 4+ miles a day is something I'm proud of
  2. Riding my bike over a mile every day
    Without the dogs, cause I go a lot slower when the dogs are running with me
  3. Making sure I take enough iodine
    My thyroid needs it, and I can tell in my mood and activity levels when I'm not regularly taking it
  4. Taking magnesium
    I take some after my second cup of coffee and I haven't gotten the jitters like I used to, and some at night and I'm out like a light when it's time to sleep.
  5. Going through my things and getting rid of stuff
    I started doing the konmari thing a couple months ago and this month I tried the "minimalism game" (I didn't get very far) but I'm working on it and it feels good to have less clutter.
  6. Trying to spend less time mindlessly on my phone
    My life is okay. I don't need to compare it to anyone else's. Plus I have kids around me all the time and I would like to be a better model of how to be an adult with a phone
  7. Listening to new podcasts/music
    I get in ruts with the stuff I listen to, but I'm feeling a big wave of wanting new stuff right now. That's usually a good sign for me.