I've house sat this house before, and it's a family friends house so like, I know them. I come here often when the owners are here. You know.
  1. The house cleaner came
    But it feels so weird cause it's my mess and not the normal mess she gets to clean so I feel like she judges me
  2. I'm here enough that I have like, a favorite mug
    But it's not one of my own mugs. Also one of my own mugs lives here because I gave it to the daughter that lives here. So that's always funny.
  3. I just added an account to their Netflix so my shows wouldn't mess up any of their accounts but that's kind of weird too isn't it?
  4. I feel like I moved in a littttlllee bit too much
    Like I have just started using the closet, and medicine cabinet and that kind of thing, because I didn't want the dogs to eat my stuff (they eat stuff. All the stuff) but now that I'm "moving out" soon it's kind of odd