But I really can only do /ish/ or barely at all
  1. Play guitar
    Only chords and not even all of them.
  2. Ukulele
    Pretty much the same as guitar
  3. Piano
    I took lessons for years as a kid and if I have enough time I can pick out the notes and figure it out. But it takes a long time and won't sound nice
  4. Read in French
    I'm not even claiming to speak it. That's how you know I'm not great at reading in it
  5. Sign.
    I know letters and I can sign /to/ you with them but I'm shit at reading sign. Plus I don't know many words/phrases in sign and even the ones I do know I won't probably be able to know if you sign them to me cause I only know my side of them.
  6. Sing
    Again I took lessons but you can bet your butt I won't sing in front of you and if I do again, my so pretty.
  7. Order my food in spanish
    I love these qualifiers I use. And okay I can do this but only if I order very easy things from places that are nice to me. And also places that I can't order in English. Cause if I possibly can. I will. My Spanish is 💩 at best
  8. Not cry while watching the titanic
    Okay so I saw this as an angry teenager and I didn't cry then but, I cry at everything, so I know I would cry. I'm just a jerk and I want to be thought of as slightly mean and dark humored.