Even for my harsh truths list. 😬😬
  1. I got this text today (David is my dad btw) so the dad mentioned is his dad
  2. And I couldn't give two shits about it.
  3. For some background my grandparents have seen me about 5 times since I was 7
    They live two cities over from me and always have. Of those 5ish times, 2 were from my uncles court stuff when he got caught building machine guns, and 1 was my brothers wedding (that he didn't want to invite them to) and the other 2 were literally moving them for free. They are hoarders like hoarders the show style, so I don't mean that maliciously but it is an absurd amount of work to do for people that couldn't care less about you.
  4. They are abusive to my dad and his siblings
    I'm not gonna go into details but just trust me
  5. I actually ran into them at my local Starbucks a couple of months ago and they legitimately hid from me
    And later on my dad confronted them about it and they admitted that they had seen me and hid. Talk about messed up people.
  6. So hearing that he might die is just like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    I have no relationship with these people. None. And if they die then they won't be able to hurt my dad so like. Die jerks. I feel slightly cold for this, but like 98 chance of living? K cool. Have fun. I don't care.