Some of these are my actual real life pets names (past and present)
  1. Looks like rain
    Very cute cat that I loved dearly. My parents refused to say the full name, and sadly shortened this to just "rain" most of the time
  2. Diabetus
    Said like Wilfred Brimley, haven't had a cat named this yet, but I can't wait.
  3. Bagawk Obrahma
    This is my current chickens actual name. She's a brahma so it just made sense?
  4. Tina Lay
    For Tina fey, this was the other option for bagawk, but bagawk made me laugh so hard that it won out.
  5. Rooster
    The 3 year old named his hen "rooster". I love that kid. He also tried to get us to name a puppy "elevator" I was so sad we didn't do this.
  6. Beasley
    Always called her "bees" she was the best cat I have ever had. Not the weirdest name but I just wanted you to know about her
  7. Pickles McGruff
    One of our pigs names. Don't know why or how this happened?
  8. Little shit
    This is our neighbors cats actual name