And will never be anything other than a weird party trick/odd conversation piece
  1. I can list all rulers of England in order from William the conqueror to the present
    I blame horrible history for this but in all honesty I put /a lot/ of time into learning this. For literally no reason. I'm American. I can't name the presidents in any order at all.
  2. Details of jack whites life
    And general jack white trivia. I'm fan girl trash for that man
  3. Beatles trivia
    No excuses. But seriously ask me any questions. I got it.
  4. Making a chicken hawk call
    🙈 I've only busted this skill out once but you know. Someday. Someday.
  5. Making realllllll bummers of lists for all you folks
    Hi guys 👋🏾sorry about all those and the ones to come. A preemptive sorry, if you will