I swear every time I go there I fall in love?
  1. Last time I was there I had been crying
    It was during the dnc and bills speech made me alllll emotional. She had a baby guys. She's a women. And I cried about that. (Emotional feminist problems)
  2. And the sample girl was nice and started chatting and I decided to tell her why I had been crying? Smooth Amy. Smooth
    Anndd she was so wonderful and nice and yeah.
  3. So then I'm checking out (the cashier 😍) and I was talking to the cashier about haircuts (pixie cut life) and they were so cute and wonderful
    And then walking away I ran into the door.
  4. I refer to them as my spouse for way too long after I "meet" them
    I'm sure @segrizz remembers my wife 💞💞💞
  5. Why is this a thing?
  6. Static
  7. Static
    Yep. That's my life.