Or "how to know if you are in a cult"
  1. We were taught that we were the most correct
    It was taught from the front that we were the most accurate representation of the body of Christ. And that no other church was.
  2. We were taught that leaving the group was basically leaving God
    Since the group was "the church which is Christ's body" to leave Christ's body, well, that's leaving God.
  3. The rules were prohibitive
    We hadn't had new people join since almost before I can remember. Occasionally people would come and visit, or come for a short time, but no one stayed long term
  4. The rules had to be followed.
    No exceptions. To choose to wear pants as a women would be seen as disobeying God. Never mind the fact that God has never once said that we are not to wear pants, only men have said that.
  5. The groups culture was unhealthy
    There was no equality for women. No encouragement for kids. No positive growth. Almost everything good or kind was done out of self righteousness.
  6. There was only fear
    I stayed as long as I did because to leave it, would mean that I would be completely disowned by my family. I would have been written off and forgotten like my cousins had been. And the fear of that pain kept me there
  7. If you are doing things out of fear, that's abuse
    Leave. That. Place. 💞I promise you will find new, better people and "family" 💞