Requested by Kamina

A Chrissy Teigen Highlight Reel

@kamina !! I'm not even qualified to make this, but I feel honored and will try, please add your favs
  1. Finding out she was a model after falling in love with her tweets was the way to go.
    she's a vision and I love her, this is all about her funny tweets tho
  2. I'm too lazy to do these chronologically
    I can't get enough of it.
  4. It's not just the call outs, it's the commitment
  5. I still think this face she made is hilarious, and also her response to it becoming a meme was 👌
    "Sorry, I don't practice my cryface ok"
  6. Making fun of 50cent then back tracking.
  7. Same
  8. 👏👏👏👏
  9. I don't really care that she's super mean to people who tweet shit at her
  10. She has the same hate level as I do for trump, but a bigger platform
  11. Relationship goals!
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  12. More relationship goals!
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  13. Love advice 💜
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  14. She's actual #relationshipgoals
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  18. "This is how I eat pie"
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