(And didn't ask for but you're getting anyway) Inspired by @amieshmamie whose eyes are magical!
  1. I own my own company and I'm the only employee.
    Though I've hired listapp talent to help on some projects!
  2. I just saw Elizabeth Warren speak tonight and I fangirled out
  3. I had thyroid cancer and part of the treatment resulted in me being so radioactive that I had to be in isolation for 2 days and away from my kids for 10 days.
    I also had to eat a lemonhead every 10-15 minutes for 24hrs. I feel like the Drs were just fucking with me.
  4. Due to a series of mishaps, I almost just poisoned my husband's entire family with bad mashed potatoes at thanksgiving.
  5. Temping led to my first real job out of college at The Travel Channel.
    And that led to my current career. Temping is nuts.
  6. I'm married to a bearded ginger.
  7. I named both my girls.
    My husband thinks he had a say in it...
  8. My major was Conflict Resolution & Mediation
    I use it every day. 10/10 would recommend
  9. Ive seen an elephant shit out an entire, whole red apple