When I was younger I believed I would seriously date an ocean of different men. It was more like a lake, and they were not superlative.
  1. The European
    French, Spanish, Italian...that wasn't really important: we would live in his light filled warehouse apartment overlooking the city. Be poor, but madly in love. Fight and then passionately make up. In reality: an Irish guy while on my study abroad, who in hindsight, was definitely married.
  2. The motorcycle riding poet
    We would smoke cigarettes and drink whiskey, while arguing about our favorite books. He'd get a tattoo of my name on his arm. In reality: an aloof bartender who turned out to have a pretty bad drug problem.
  3. The dashing silver fox
    High powered diplomat or exec, we'd rendezvous in the nicest hotel in every city he had business in. I would be arm candy for fundraisers and dinners with clients. He sends me dirty handwritten notes via courier from meetings across town. In reality: being hit on by a sad/confused lawyer who was going through a midlife crisis.
  4. The hilarious best friend
    The best friend that I'd talk on the phone with for hours, he'd make me mix CDs, we'd take road trips together. Constantly cracking each other up through the best and absolute darkest times. Then we'd realize that we're in love with each other, giddily step over the line into dating....then get married. In reality: this happened.
  5. Straight 80's movie style. Duckie gets the girl.