1. Being accused of a crime I didn't commit.
  2. That the cancer's not really gone.
  3. The day my children realize all the fucked up things about the world we live in.
  4. Tsunami.
  5. That cops will continue to be allowed to kill POC and not be held accountable.
  6. My husband dying.
  7. My children dying.
  8. Being shot in a mall, museum, school, parking garage, concert, movie theater, restaurant, anywhere, everywhere.
  9. Water moccasin snakes.
  10. Black Widow spiders.
  11. Brown recluse spiders.
  12. Becoming accidental famous for doing something dumb or embarrassing.
  13. My children getting abused by someone.
  14. Skin cancer.
  15. The melting permafrost releasing methane at an alarming speed.
  16. Our dystopian future where we are fighting over water and scrounging to survive on a barren, scorched earth.
  17. The reefs bleaching.
  18. That my dog doesn't really know that I'm sorry when I apologize after stepping on his paw.
  19. That ignorant, racist, pieces of shit might actually mobilize enough to vote trump into office.
  20. That trumps entire success to this point won't be a wake up call (seems that ignoring ignorance and racism didn't work out too well for us, huh?)
  21. A tree falling on the house and crushing us.
  22. Running into people from my past who don't care how awesome my family/job/life are and only see the weight I've gained.
  23. My parents dying.
  24. A plane falling from the sky and killing us with the fiery wreckage.
  25. Being IN a plane as it crashes killing us in the fiery wreckage.
  26. Unintentionally hurting or insulting someone.
  27. Poison ivy.
  28. Box jellyfish.
  29. Bedbugs.
  30. That I'll reach a point in my old age and will stop trying to learn or change.
  31. That my kids will grow up to be assholes.