I have been to 4.3 million baby showers, these are my go-to gifts. Registry is best, but if you're going off the registry buy these things
  1. Chewy necklace thing
    They make these silicon beads into not too ugly necklaces and babies chew on them and everyone's happy
    I love children's books with a fiery passion. I have about 10 go-to books. Go buy a ton of funny, beautiful, exciting children's books and give them as a stack.
  3. One Line a Day Journal
    Shit gets real in that first year. The babybooks do NOT get filled out. Journals gather dust...except for this one. One line a day for five years, it's short enough to record tidbits and milestones. I'm on my second one and can look back and see exactly what my babies were up to on this day last year!
  4. Swaddle blankets
    I liked the muslin ones bc they could be used for a million other things (shade, breastfeeding cover, back up wipe...I tied mine into a baby sling once)
  5. Spa Gift card
    Because even if it takes her 6months after the baby is born to actually use it, she will weep for joy on that day.
  6. Family Tree
    There are some cool artists out there making non-lame family trees. They sell gift certificates so your friend can give them the right names, and whammo - thoughtful and pretty.
  7. Custom family art
    There are SO MANY great artists out there! I found @maggiebard on listapp, but have commission lots of talented artists on etsy. Find a style they'll like and get a cute little illustration done! (This image is a Nan Lawson illustration)
  8. White noise machine
    If it's not already on the registry, this is a clutch thing to have.
  9. Super nice baby toiletries
    There are a lot of gentle non-toxic options, go ahead and splurge on that baby. Don't forget the sunscreen. The environmental working group (ewg.org) has a great ratings system/database if you're not sure which brands are good.
  10. Mesh teether thingy
    Ok I looked it up, it's actually called a "baby safe feeder". I'd put frozen peas/frozen fruit in there and they chew it like a rabid animal and stop crying about their teeth being born thru their gums.
  11. I basically always give a jar of coconut oil with any baby shower gift (for sore nipples and diaper rash among a million other things). If I know the mom well (and she's planning to breastfeed), I give nursing tanks/bras. I also like to take mom-to-be for a pedicure close to her due date. Baby's get a lot of shit and moms often go ignored!!
    Suggested by @migmags
  12. Belabumbum pregnancy & nursing loungewear
    Because Mama needs a little ahhhh
    Suggested by @TheJuliaBeck
  13. Bandana bibs
    Our little guy spit up a LOT. These were cute and saved me from having to change his clothes 1,234,786 times a day.
    Suggested by @NeighborFoodie