1. I've been reading, listening, and trying to be a good ally by educating myself
  2. Lots of reading.
    Lots of listening.
  3. The lists, you guys.
    The lists have been better resources, more honest and productive, than anything I've seen on social media. I've learned more here than anywhere else.
  4. I wanted to add to the (at first ignored) TitleWave, but wasn't forming succinct or helpful thoughts and didn't want to fall into the realm of Ally Theater
    Learned about Ally Theater here btw (thank you listers)
  5. I have nothing to add except that I recognize my privilege, and I'm trying to be a positive voice for change.
    For my children and anyone else who will listen
  6. These are the two resources that are helping me the most
  7. 1) This was a link in an article posted on list, it helped immensely, and I'm gonna put it right here:
  8. "A Guide For White Allies Confronting Racial Injustice" https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2vDBY9AHUjQN0tJYXlLUmtJUVE/view?pref=2&pli=1
  9. 2) this was a link from @DG 's recent list:
  10. "What White Children Need To Know About Race"
  11. Black Lives Matter.