I watched about an hour of the RNC last night and after Trump's speech I couldn't sleep. I know the speech writers' goal was to incite fear, and it worked, though for different reasons than they probably intended.
  1. Watching Twitter's reaction while watching the convention calmed me a little.
  2. Chris Rock nailed it for a couple hours straight
    **edit...uh this is not actually Chris Rock, still like the tweets tho**
  3. This was weird, no?
    He's pat-a-tat-tatting all over his daughter...and maybe looks at her chest too?!
  4. Then trump talked about violent illegals and I got scared. This guy says it best:
  5. I'll just be over here hiding in the bathtub...
  6. Literally Mars
  7. And then I saw this.
  8. Static
  9. And it pretty much summed it up for me.
  10. This is bad guys. From his casual remarks about NATO, to his track record of misogyny and on immigration he's bad news.
  11. Please don't sit this one out.