Happy Valentine's Day, you awesome person, you!
  1. Are you having a good day? I hope so, because you are 💯
  2. I creeped allllllll the way down your timeline, thank you for making me laugh.
    I've done half of these, but throwing a scoop of cat food into the trash made me laugh out loud. THINGS I'VE DONE WITHOUT THINKING
  3. I feel so much love for you based on things you hate that everyone else loves.
    I am with you basically on all these: STUFF I HATE THAT EVERYONE ELSE LOVES
  4. We are definitely from the same generation, I appreciate that we're on the same page.
  5. You're a great mom, much respect to you for juggling the teen/young boy combo you're rocking right now!
    I got two girls, 5 & 3, so this is not an empty compliment, I know you're in the weeds.
  6. Wait, you're doing school too?!? And working full time? Holy shit, girl.
    Keep it up, but man, you deserve a nap!
  7. In conclusion, I hope you know that you're doing a great job.
    You are! You're awesome!
  8. Will you be my valentine? (Or Galentine?)
  9. (Thank you to @ChrisK for organizing listapp Valentine's Day, I love that I have a new awesome lister to follow!)
  10. I didn't tag you properly yesterday I'm SO SORRY!!!! @migmags I posted this yesterday I hope you weren't sad!!