Everyone's already said all the reasons this app is great. I agree. So, here's a disjointed list of the impacts Li.st has had on me since I joined a little over a year ago:
  1. I lurked for weeks until I realized I should maybe join in with a list.
    My first list: Dogs I Want to Own
  2. Diva Cup conversion
    I was doubtful, I get it now. Thank you ladies.
  3. Thanks for the hot tips re: Face oil/micellar water
    My skin thanks you.
  4. Bigger thanks for the important conversations on here.
    Seriously though: productive, important convos.
  5. Ive come full circle back to using Twitter
  6. I've gone 180 away from using Facebook
  7. Friends! Internet friends?! Friends!
  8. I got you all an anniversary gift:
  9. ......
  10. Many thanks, I love it here.
    157 saved lists 💾 can't be wrong
  11. Also, I still haven't updated so let me know if you want to know what the past looks like.
  12. Being patient enough to cure chocolate chip cookie dough for three whole days after making it!
    Thank you @eatthelove