How to Get Into Hockey

@ramivaa I love this request, I've never tried to convince someone except in person & at a game...indoctrinating someone into getting hockey takes beer and a live game I think...I'm going to try a different angle
  1. SO since we're not at a game here's what I can throw at you:
  2. I'm a Caps fan, I started going to games with my dad when I was 6months old.
    Dad: "We wanted to see if you'd be scared by the weren't" Me: "maybe check my ears? Make sure I'm actually not deaf?"
  3. Old school hockey was nuts. They didn't wear helmets! At the beginning not even the goalies wore them!
    I LOVE GOALIES...they're so weird! you have to have a very particular, almost tweaked brain to be interested & able to stop pucks coming at you at 100mph.
  5. The goalie is very very well protected...both with pads and by his teammates.
    No one dares retaliate against a goalie...even if they sucker punch you in the head.
  6. They're also superstitious...
    Caps goalie, Braden Holtby, has about 800 little weird things he does every game. This is a teeeeny tiny portion of his pregame routine.
  7. Quirky goalies not your thing?
    What about dudes with slightly F'ed up noses?
  8. Yes?
  9. Maybe?
  10. Are you here for this?
  11. ?
  12. Or nah?
  13. No? That's cool, I got you
  14. Or are old timers your cuppa?
    This is Rod Langway, he was my favorite player growing up. One of the last to not wear a helmet. Troubled personal life, mullet, he's got it all.
  15. What?
  16. I love hockey, Come visit, I'll take you to a game!