I am secret santaless. I've kept my chin up reading the unpacking lists. I temper my hope at every visit to the post office. BUT I have seen enough Christmas movies, I know I just have to believe and it will come (right?!?)! Today a different gift came in the mail...the portraits I commissioned from @maggiebard of my daughters...and HOLY SHIT
  1. I found @maggiebard on listapp, so the fact that this even happened is magical.
  2. I didn't want classic portraits done of my girls, this isn't downton abbey I'm running here.
  3. She asked for descriptions of my girls and some photos.
    I probably gave too much info, but Maggie was professional about it and didn't call me out on being a cliche.
  4. Maggie, the letter and descriptions made me tear up. Thank you.
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  5. And then, just holy shit.
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  6. C'mon.
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  7. This one.
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    Our noble old mutt even made it in!! I'm needing these girls to grow up as a team, sisters in arms. Not to be fucked with. I want this to hang as a reminder to them that they are each other's first ally.
  8. Thank you @maggiebard you made such beautiful tributes to my girls. Thank you. Thank you!