Mild Nopes to Start Your Wednesday

Nothing too jarring, just a gentle collection of nopes I found saved on my phone and wanted to share.
  1. Camel toe shoes!
  2. Etsy awfulness (seriously though, what about if someone's having a heart attack, still no?!)
    I hate that there are enough awful people in this country that there's demand for this custom wall vinyl saying.
  3. From the thrift store art IG account....@thriftstoreart
  4. Trump piñata!
    Felt great to hit it....but it's eyes scare me.
  5. The tshirts they make for little girls are f'ing dumb.
    Oh hahaha you mean like sexual chemistry, but really just sparklers?!? Hahaha I get it. F you.
  6. Daddy pig from Peppa Pig
    Otherwise known as: animated hairy ballsack
  7. Yuckkkkkk
    I had to actually eat these
  8. Art from one of my kid's kindergarten friends
  9. My tap water after some plumbing work.
    Get your minerals!
  10. This was a slap in the face at the end of a long day.
  11. Naked mole rats at the zoo.
    The second you start thinking they're cute, you start getting nauseas again.
  12. Fur face mask
    I go back to the antique place once a year to see if it's still there. One more trip and I may buy this nope myself.
  13. Thrift store soup bowls I saw a few months ago.
    Haunting AND practical!
  14. This has been a nice little Wednesday nope round up from my camera roll. I hope you have a great day!