My Mom's Style

Are you picking up what she's putting down?
  1. Fitted overalls, casual layers
  2. Folk rock album cover casual
  3. Bucket hat/big belt buckle
  4. Fitted button down & wedges
  5. Oversized hand knit sweater & boyfriend jeans
  6. Did I mention she made almost all her own cloths?
    I know I'm just bragging at this point, but she made this dresssssss
  7. Guys, her wedding dress. Can you see the sleeves?! The collar?! If she wasn't a GD sample size of have worn this in a heartbeat
    RIP poppy, dapper in his own right
  8. Another angle you see those sleeves!!?
  9. Oh you thought motherhood would trip her up?
  10. Nah, it just made her hair thicker and her sweaters bigger.
  11. Silk dresses after giving birth like she's some sort of royalty.
  12. The 80s didn't phase her either.
    It was the 90s that got her tbh
  13. She's awesome for so many other reasons too, but her style 👌