Oblication. [ah-bli-CAY-shun] noun. A vacation that you attend solely out of obligation. Usually involving family, most often in-laws. A vacation borne not of enjoyment but duty.
  1. Parents Weekend 1994-1997
    My sister went to William & Mary, I was forced to attend parents weekend in colonial Williamsburg for 3 consecutive years.
  2. In-law wedding
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    I hadn't been dating my husband long, we were invited to his cousins wedding at the beach! But it was winter. And there was a lot of strife and family drama. They are now divorced.
  3. Family Reunion #765
    A forced 7-hour slog up 95, In the middle of my magical summer-before-college, to listen to my distant cousins talk about being chased by cops and taking advantage of "skirts"
  4. Yearly beach trip (in law addition)
    I know! I'm a dick for taking a beach trip for granted, but I promise you there's a lot wrong with this trip. They value tradition over common sense and it's infuriating.
  5. Alaskan Cruise
    Hear me out...yes I'm happy I went to Alaska buuuut it involved sharing an inside cabin with my husband and sister in law, mandatory dinner every night at 5:30pm, and a lot of father/son, mother/father, brother/sister arguments.
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  6. My niece's wedding this weekend. I'm sharing a room with my mom!
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  7. Driving my mother to Minnesota for my niece's graduation. Takes two days to drive there, spending two days with my brother and his wretched wife, two more days to drive back home.
    But I do love my mom, so....
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