I'm so sorry, I can't even think of things that would make me happy right now....But I've not got any old lists that would give clues as to what I'd enjoy either. This week has been the worst, Is everyone done being depressed? I'm a pretty fucking happy human so this is a new thing for me, I'll get in the spirit soon...I promise!
  1. Xanax
    This is probably illegal, but it's the first thing to come to mind.
  2. Wine
    Too heavy to ship, just wanted you to get a feel for where my head is.
  3. Anything that combines chocolate with its natural partner: peanut butter
    This is reasonable and truly makes me happy.
  4. The amazing feeling that I had when I was 22.
    Idk this just popped into my head.
  5. Art/craft/jewelry/trinket made by you or someone you love on etsy
    Or not! I feel like I'm asking a lot?! If you have no money just trace your hand or something.
  6. I love coffee.
    Cliche, I know, I'm really trying here.
  7. I love interior design.
    I have no idea how this translates into something mailable.
  8. I love being cozy by the fire.
    Don't send fire.
  9. I love throw blankets that are impossibly soft.
    I have one but my children have adopted it and now it's tainted.
  10. I love old stuff, old keys, old postcards, old buttons, old photos, old magazines, old advertisements, old toys.
  11. I love listapp
    I already have this though
  12. I love art and jewelry
    But those are notoriously hard to shop for a stranger.
  13. I love raising my daughters to be feminists.
    I'm truly just trying to cheer myself up at this point.
  14. I love my old dog, Moses.
  15. I love @DawnCloud for organizing this, and forcing me to think of happy things that I love instead of how fucked my country is right now.
  16. Skincare stuff?
  17. Ill stop now.