Like a recurring nightmare, these are the ones that visit me unprovoked, and can illicit an audible cringe
  1. The one where I walk into my women's studies class late and SUPER HIGH, interrupting a classmate who's telling a very personal story.
    Knocking over the trashcan, bottles everywhere...what have you done? Now shame spiral about it for a couple of decades.
  2. That time I peed in that dude's bed after getting too drunk.
    Gross! Young me! so now make this face 😬 in line at the grocery store 15 years later.
  3. That awful thing where I was incredibly unkind to a very good friend and good person who wanted to be in a relationship with me.
    WHY WAS I SO DUMB AND MEAN AND HURTFUL?!? Now close your eyes, sigh, and loathe yourself when you see pics of him on fb.
  4. Yuckkk...the one where I slept with the skydiver who was cheesy, but took me on a date so I felt like I owed him?!
    Why am I making this list. Will making this list erase this memory so I don't cringe in traffic over 15 years later?
  5. The time I left lacrosse camp (my parents paid so much money for) just for the chance to maybe hang out with my crush before he went to college.
    He did not like me as much as I liked him. Now say UGH out loud when you stumble on this memory.
  6. Ah shit! A two parter...I then sent a care package to that same crush after he went to college.
    NOOOOO young me, stop! Do not go into that post office!!!
  7. That awful mistake, followed by an even more awful excuse at work.
    If I'd handled this properly, this definitely would've resulted in a major career highlight. Bad move young, dumb me. Bad move.
  8. The letter writing campaign/phone call blitz unleashed on that one exboyfriend who ghosted me.
    Put. The. Phone. Down. Young me.
  9. The infamous ReplyAll Incident Of 2010
    You really shat the bed on that one, let's revisit it while trying to fall asleep.
  10. Talking shit. Getting caught.
    Just those top 5 times...that cycle through my brain randomly every few months.