This is for you @boygirlparty !! Lay it on us!
  1. I was racing my cousins down my gravel driveway when I was 7 or 8 and I saw something move in the woods out of the corner of my eye. I turned and saw something tall with reddish hair/fur all over its body startle and run away from us. My cousin saw it too and we both stopped dead and stared. And we looked at each other and freaked out.
    We still talk about it. No idea what the hell it could be...but both of us will go to our graves knowing it was something!
  2. Ok, didn't see this, but heard it. Really strange screeching distress scream that sounded not-of-this-earth. Could hear a similar screeching in the distance, maybe a block or 2 away. Heard it (or something else) run thru my backyard. It was a biped, sounded about the size/weight of a 7 year old. I was certain it was an alien. Scared me shitless.
    Suggested by @brazenhussy
  3. I was driving (in Kansas - this is important) to school as a new and terrified driver and I saw this gigantic black thing in the middle of the road. It was really big and looked round like a big pipe. As I got closer I saw it was moving. It was a hugemugus snake. Like the keep behind three panes of glass at the zoo. Except our zoo doesn't have one.
    What did I do? I ran over it. There was a huge thud. I asked around at school. No one else had seen it. What did I see and where did it go? I mean seriously where the fuck did it go? Did I imagine it? Where could it have come from? Does it still live in my city and is it going to show up in my room and strangle me? I need an explanation.
    Suggested by @KateandDogs
  4. Ok here we go. I was standing walking into my childhood home while looking up at the beautiful red Japanese maple tree 🍁 we had when a slightly brighter red, feather-like object caught my eye.
    I watched it float down from the sky like a falling leaf. it was pretty small and narrow and a little bit like a millipede but red and floaty and sort of twisting and twirling as it floated down. it landed on my arm! when I looked closely to marvel at it, where it had landed was a (different) large, bleeding wound on my arm. I started screaming and was rushed inside by a babysitter and given first aid for the wound. I have never been able to make sense of this or really even put it into words.
    Suggested by @boygirlparty