1. Sometimes it feels like all the crazy is sucked up into politics right now.
  2. And that brand of crazy is scarier than usual.
  3. It's the kind of crazy that makes you worried about our society, and whether we should be allowed to exist without organized, yet benevolent, alien overlords running things.
  4. But this isn't a list about politics.
  5. This is a list about the GOOD kind of crazy.
  6. The kind of crazy that makes you happy to be a part of this colorful world.
  7. The kind of crazy that turns the mundane into the enjoyable...
  8. The kind of crazy that wears a backpack to Target
  9. But that backpack seems different than other backpacks
  10. Because upon further inspection
  11. You see inside that backpack...
  13. That's the kind of crazy we need more of lately.
  14. Parrot backpack wearing ladies.