Thanks to NPR @jessnobs and I have a little bit of knowledge, and a lot to say about it.
  1. Peanut allergies!
    Do you have 20min to listen to me confidently discuss how the rise of hand sanitizer has led to important gut bacteria being killed. Like the kind that stops peanut proteins getting in your blood stream?? And is thought to cause the surge in peanut allergies among kids?!? (Derived from a 4 min story on NPR)
  2. Charter School System
    Do you have approx 30min to listen to me ramble on about problems with the public school system and vouchers and charter schools (specifically in the DC area) and how underfunded schools are....and how poorly teachers are paid?! (Derived from 15min of a 2hr Kojo Nnamdi Ep on NPR)
  3. Bees! Pesticides!
    Do you have approx 19 min to hear me rage about how Monsanto is evil, pesticides are killing us and the bees. Bees are so important. Not dying is so important. (Derived from listening to 15min of All Things Considered on NPR)
  4. Politics
    Do you have approximately 12 minutes to hear me talk about a really smart guest Diane Rehm had on yesterday, whose name I forget, but they talked about how the GOP is imploding, and it made me so happy, and now I consider myself an expert on policy with insider knowledge on campaign reform?! (Based on half of an 8 min segment I heard on my way to work)
  5. Whatever's on tomorrow morning.