Yesterday was amazing. DC hasn't felt like that since Obama's inauguration!
  1. I was scared before we headed down.
    Scared of crazies, terrorists, trump supporters.
  2. But it was peaceful, joyous, positive.
  3. This was the line to get into my metro stop.
    We skipped it bc we had smart trip cards already 😬
  4. I wore my flairrrr
  5. My husband, his cousin & I all headed down on a loud & happy metro car
  6. My husband's sign (front & back)
    Handsome & reasonable.
  7. THIS was when I knew they'd way underestimated attendance. This is 7th street NW looking from constitution ave .... This street wasn't supposed to be closed. It's full all the way up to the Verizon center & beyond. HELLL YEAH TEAM!
    We couldn't even get onto the mall FYI. The one day I wish DC didn't have restricted airspace. We need a full picture of the crowd.
  8. The steps of the National Gallery were 👌
  9. I climbed a pile of barriers to get this shot of 14th street. I talked 5 strangers into climbing up so we could revel in the sheer number of humans together.
  10. Artists for the win.
  11. I think the most fascinating thing was spotting the Trump supporters who were in town for the inauguration. They'd planned on staying in town to do the museums, but had no idea how big this would be.
    (My friend's sign. She's a Russian immigrant and was pumped to protest.)
  12. A family wearing trump hats walked by us resting and a teen son stopped and yelled "do you really think you could understand a billionaires tax returns?!?! Most Americans don't even understand their own taxes!!! What makes you think you could understand his??"
  13. I said "aw sweetie I think you're missing the point"
    I thought of a lot of other things to say afterwards. But honestly, I felt so bad for the kid, he was sincerely confused.
  14. Every time my phone got cell service a bunch of text updates from my friends & family came through and made me understand how huge this actually was.
    NYC looked f'ing amazing!!
  15. I just wanted a go-pro on my head to capture all the signs and scale of the whole thing!
  16. This lady.
  17. These guys
  18. I knew the signs would be good, but geez.
    If trump supporters staged a protest they'd have nada.
  19. These ladies made me cry... C'MON!!
    (I didn't get a picture but found them again on my IG feed.) Best. Sign. Ever.
  20. Yet another completely packed street that was not on the parade route.
  21. My favorite part might have been stopping at the Tabard Inn to eat & drink on our way home. The managers were standing outside welcoming people and said we'd could leave our signs next to the planter outside or bring them in.
    "The fire's going, the lounge still has room"
  22. And when we came back out, they'd put our signs all around their front steps.
    Manager: "we were told we couldn't talk about anything political, but we spread your signs out, hope that's ok" ❤️❤️❤️
  23. We're stuck with this psychopath, let's make sure his stay in our capital is ineffectual and short.
  24. I have hope now.
    I am motivated.
  25. I just got off video chat with my 96yo grandma. She's really proud of us, y'all.
  26. Besides a trump float flying up Rhode Island Ave at 50mph with a police escort...I think it was a peaceful gathering of a million fired up humans.
  27. Now let's get out there and fight every day.
  28. YES: