The Last Thanksgiving

Lots of traffic, racist uncles, Inlaws that make weird versions of side dishes, gloating trump supporting aunts, too-drunk cousins, sibling grudges surfacing from 1996. This might be the last Thanksgiving. Don't worry, @shanaz and I have a better idea.
  1. Introducing: COZYFEST
    (Working title, taking suggestions)
  2. Welcome to The New Thanksgiving™
  3. You'll love the blazing fireplaces
  4. Delicious custom cocktails
    And/or your favorite tea/coffee/LaCroix
  5. Books & magazine for reading time
  6. All centered around the main event:
    Don't worry, if you like stuffing and sweet potatoes THOSE ARE STILL WELCOME AT THE NEW THANKSGIVING™
  8. Invite only.
    Friends and family who bring no strife.
  9. Best sectional/seating situation hosts.
  10. Joinnnn ussssss