1. Oil cleansing!
    I listened to the lists. Can 100% endorse this method now. 8th grade me can't even handle that I'm applying oil to my previously retinoled T zone.
  2. Think about, but not commit to, naming the cutest animal I'd ever eat.
    @dcerruti this took a serious emotional toll on me
  3. Like SO close to buying a silicone period cup thing
  4. Interact with verified news outlets/brands/orgs
    Looking at you @washingtonpost @neorsd
  5. Interacting with strangers without knowing anything about them
    Yeah I'll add a suggestion to your beta list from 8 months ago too.
  6. Stepped up my moming to make sure I am addressing racial and gender inequalities with my kids.
    I was thinking about it a lot, but I started following some very smart men & women that have made me more proactive in actually DOING something
  7. Getting overly familiar with the leader dude
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    Whether @bjnovak saw it or not is beside the point.
  8. Bid farewell to the Facebook
    Pretty much. I was on a tear posting only frustrated missives on the environment and gun control, hating everyone who isn't as amped as I am...and just couldn't take the navel gazing apathy...listapp saved me from fb.
  9. Listen to One Direction
    JK I'm 35, I can confidently take a hard pass on this one.