Inspired by @ListPrompts.
  1. I was picking my 3 year old up from preschool.
  2. In NW DC, near the cathedral.
  3. We watched the construction workers across the street before getting in the car to go home.
    Little kids F'ing love just staring at people working. I feel like I want to ask digger operators what it's like getting cat called by toddlers.
  4. It started to drizzle so we stopped gawking and went to get in the car.
  5. I was paralleled parked and loading my daughter into her car seat that was street side.
  6. I leaned in to begin buckle negotiations....
  8. A car flying down the street took my car door off behind me.
  9. Inches from my ass.
  10. My spinal cord.
  11. The chick driving finally stopped after about 1/2 block and walked up to us bewildered.
  12. Her: "So crazy, you must have opened your door at the same time as I drove by!"
  13. Me: "You must have been on your phone...I've been standing here trying to get my kid in her car seat for 3 minutes"
  14. She had not seen me at all. She had no idea how close she came to paralyzing or killing me.
  15. She had been texting (she admitted to her insurance company)
  16. My car door was totally bent back.
  17. I was unharmed.
  18. But I was about 3 inches from getting killed in front of my daughter.
  19. The more time that passes, the scarier it is to think about.
  20. I hope that young woman thinks about it often.
  21. I hope that young woman is mom now.
  22. I hope she puts her fucking phone down and drives.